Just For Pets Place

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Daycare - $12 a Day for a Cage/ Kennel
$15 a Day for Suite
$10 each additional dog
$5 each additional cat

Vet Visits - $25 Per Visit
If the pet is boarding/daycare here there will be an additional charge of $25 added to the bill if the pet would need to go to a vet for medical (or other) reason(s).

Home Visits - $25 a Visit or $45 for 2 Visits per Day
Owners home must be within a 10 mile radius of Just For Pets Place

Services & Rates

Cages & Cat Condos - $15 a Day
$10 Each Additional Dog
$5 Each Additional Cat

Kennels - $15 a Day
$10 Each Additional Dog

Suites - $20 a Day 
$10 Each Additional Dog
$5 Each Additional Cat

- Prices vary based on size and condition of pet.

‚ÄčPrivate Walks - $3 per walk & per dog (15-20 minutes)
Due to capacity limit owner to 3 private walks per day
This is an additional walk onto the three we provide already

Extra Playtime - $5 per dog
Includes playtime with an employee in a run outside (15-20 min) weather permitting
Play time will be inside if cold, rain, or snow
Due to capacity limit owner 1 per day

If pets are picked up before noon on pick up date they will NOT be charged for that day
Additional dog and cat prices only apply IF they are in the same cage/kennel/room
If the pet is being boarded for 3 weeks or longer 1/3 of the total will have to be deposited at the time of drop off
If a dog or a cat runs out of food while boarding and/or owner does not bring food there will be an additional charge of $2 a day